covers the how-tos of name vetting for anything you’re naming in your business – business name, signature programs, products, services, etc.

Name vetting is the first step to trademarking and it’s often one that gets skipped by many entrepreneurs – that’s why we’re covering it. 🙌

When it comes to naming your business, there’s a lot to consider … Do you go the traditional route and use your own name or do you try to get creative and go with a name people won’t forget?

It’s a big deal, after all, and it’s not something you can just change willy nilly. 

Plus, did you know that BEFORE you can even settle on a name, you’ve got to verify that the name you’ve selected isn’t already registered to someone else. 😲

It’s true. I’ve seen one too many entrepreneurs pick a name, buy a domain, have a logo designed, and then discover that all of that was done in vain because someone else already owned the rights to that name. 🤦

So, let’s save you some time, some money, some hassle and let’s get to choosing your business name the correct way.

Inside, I’ll teach you how to do a trademark search and fully research whether someone’s already trademarked that name or not.

What's a Name Got to Do With It? Trademarks 101