Terminate Your Coach-Client Relationship the Legal Way

Nobody wants to think about a coach-client relationship ending, especially on a sour note, but it does happen.

That’s why whenever you terminate an agreement, you want to do more than just have a conversation or an email exchange.

You actually want to get a legal document in place to spell out the details of the termination so that neither party can come back and sue the other. ?

So how do you write such an agreement? You don’t.

With our Contract Termination Agreement template, we make sure you’re covered and all you have to do is customize it for your particular situation – it’s that easy. Get yours now for only $297!

With this template, you also get a special annotated version of the agreement complete with a video tutorial to walk you through each section. That way you should have no question about which clauses to use or when to use them.

The purpose of the Contract Termination Agreement is essentially to protect you from being sued when a coach-client relationship goes bad.

It also protects you from a client naming and shaming you on social media. Protects your privacy. Prevents a client from holding you responsible for damages, costs or expenses. And limits your liability.

You use the Contract Termination Agreement any time a coach-client relationship has gone bad and you’ve mutually agreed to terminate your previous agreement. In the new agreement, you’ll document any verbal allegations or breaches to the original contract, you’ll state if you’re offering a refund or not, and you’ll both agree not to sue each other.

Need a hand getting your Contract Termination Agreement written in a way that’s legally binding?

Let us help! Grab your Contract Termination Agreement template and get an annotated version complete with a video tutorial to walk you through each of the sections here.

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