Make it Legal: Get ‘em to Sign a Coaching Agreement

You’re hosting your first year-long mastermind program and it’s got you wondering … Do you need to have each participant sign an agreement?

You bet, because too often things like this happen:


  • Participants in your complimentary Facebook group ignore the rules and start spamming product pitches to everyone.
  • You provide a digital vault with your best content and before you know it, you’ve got people in there who are not paid clients (i.e. someone’s been sharin’ their login deets).

  •  In month twelve (of twelve) you open your email to find, not one, but two people asking for full refunds – say what?!

Oy vey!

So what can you do to protect yourself from these things and more?

Get this Coaching Agreement template for $397 and use it for each and every client who signs up for your group, mastermind, or membership program – it’s that simple, just customize and go.

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