Consent and Release Agreement Kit

A Consent & Release Agreement should be used whenever you want to use a client’s or participant’s photograph, video, written testimonial, appearance and or likeness for any commercial purpose (e.g. on your website, on social media, on promotional materials, etc.)

So for instance, let’s say, you’re hosting a live event and there’s going to be a photographer and a videographer at the event taking pictures and video that you’ll be sharing on your website and on social media. Before the event even begins you want to get each participant to sign this agreement. Here’s why:

  •  It protects you from being sued if a participant were to come back and say you didn’t have permission to share an image or video with them in it.
  • The participant knows up front that they’re likely going to be in said images and videos, and they also know that they’re not going to be compensated for them.

This agreement is very easy to customize because there’s not a lot to it. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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