BONUS: Tax Attorney Sakinah Tillman Shares All

Taxes, like legal issues, kinda go hand-in-hand because if you’re in business, you’re gonna have to deal with both of them sooner or later. But what’s even more important than that check you’ve got to send to the IRS every quarter, is how you set up your business to begin with. Cuz the entity you choose – sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, etc. – that comes into play when you go to file and pay those taxes.

So to start you off on the right foot, I’ve invited tax attorney, Sakinah Tillman of Tillman, LLC to give you the lowdown on what you need to be aware of tax-wise when starting and growing a business AND how you can keep more money in your pocket with some simple strategies and planning. 💰

Based in Maryland, Sakinah’s mission is to ensure that her clients’ interests are always protected … and that they’re able to sleep at night because there’s nothing worse than having to take the stand simply because of a tax snafu.

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